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I'm Shelley and I run Pads n' Pets, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking & Home Security Services in Leeds.


I thought it would be a great idea to create this pet blog, brought to you by our friend 'Blog the Dog'. Somewhere I can keep you up to date with what's going on in our busy Pet Business World. I'll also share tips, advice, thoughts and just anything I think you may find useful or interesting


Hope you enjoy reading!


Shelley and my  friend Blog The Dog!


By PadsnPets, Jul 11 2014 12:42PM

Dog walking... Well, it’s a walk in the park isn’t it?! Well, aside from the pun, sometimes it’s a little trickier than you think...

As dog walkers, we make it our business to know the dog we are walking. From its temperament to its foibles, it’s our job to know what situations the dog is and, more importantly, isn’t comfortable in.

So, why isn’t it the same for some dog owners?

Recently, I’ve experienced a few incidents, which have almost resulted in injuries to my own dog, Pedro, and can only be put down to sheer irresponsibility of other dog owners out and about.

The first was in a local park – not only was the dog involved a breed, which sometimes has a reputation of unpredictability, it was also OFF its lead and ON a children’s play area!! Unbelievable! Then, when the dog in question spotted my dog (on a lead and not in the children’s play area) it made a bee line straight for him – and not in a friendly way!!

Not only did the dog attack my dog, it continued to harass the poor pooch (and me) as he cowered in my arms.

What did we get from its owner? An apology....? Nope! Just a angry woman who shouted at her dog, claiming how she “couldn’t believe” it had just done what it had. Hmmm…

Our second encounter happened at the coast, as we casually walked along the front in Filey, passing an elderly couple sat on a bench with their Jack Russell sat at their feet, again OFF lead. As we passed by, said dog suddenly and angrily jumped to its feet and attacked Pedro, leaving him yelping and shaking. Once again, not even an apology!

It’s a dog owners duty to know their dog. It’s their responsibility to keep their dog under control at all times. Had the said dogs been on leads, this wouldn’t have happened. I find it hard to believe that these dogs have never done anything like this before. In both these cases there was no reason for the dogs to be off lead.

The majority of dog owners abide by these simple, common sense, rules. Unfortunately, it’s the minority that don’t who give us all a bad name.

It’s simple – if you know your dog like you should, you wouldn’t put it in a situation where it could get hurt or, worse still, hurt another dog or human.

I'll get off my soapbox now! Thanks for reading.... time for a walk in the park... :)

By PadsnPets, Jun 16 2014 11:42AM

As you may know we recently welcomed Pedro the puppy to our family and I’m so pleased to say he is everything we had hoped for in a family dog! He is a very good boy who loves his family and is brilliant with the kids, although they do have a tendency to treat him like a baby!

He loves all other dogs, especially ones who want to have a play with him. He can get a little boisterous with his best mate Lola the Springer, although being double his size, Lola soon puts him in his place and he’s happy to share a treat or 2 or 3 or 4 (you get the picture!) with her.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take Pedro on his first break to the seaside. We headed for the Yorkshire Coast to a fab, family run, dog friendly Caravan Park called Crows Nest. It’s located on the cliffs close to Gristhorpe Village between Filey and Scarborough. I highly recommend this place if you have a dog. The caravans are lovely and the park has a dedicated dog park where you can let them off the lead to enjoy a good run and get their exercise. It also has a conservatory area in the bar where dogs are allowed. So you can enjoy a few drinks on an evening without worrying about leaving the dog.

Whilst there, we were told about a local pub called, The Bull Inn which was within walking distance, located in Gristhorpe. We decided to head there for our dinner. It’s around a 10-15 min stroll through the fields; we were lucky as the weather was lovely so it was a really nice walk, which the dog thoroughly enjoyed! There was a large outside area where you could eat but as it was only May it was starting to get a little chilly in the evening, so the barman said we were more than welcome inside with the dog, which was great. The food was delicious and all home cooked. I had the steak pie, which was very tasty and served with veg and my absolute fave, homemade chips!

During our Yorkshire Coast break we also visited Bridlington, Filey, Scarborough and Hornsea. It was lovely to find that in all the resorts the shop and café owners had put bowls of water outside for the passing doggies.

We enjoyed breakfast outside The Waterfront café in Scarborough. Well I did until a massive seagull decided to do its business on my head! I was told that was lucky hmmm… it felt slightly more yucky than lucky!

Pedro also enjoyed his first dip in the sea at Filey and he even accompanied my son Alfie on one of the 50p rides outside the amusements in Scarborough (I told you they treat him like a baby!). One thing I did find was that I have never spoken to so many people I didn’t know, who knew that dogs are the ultimate icebreaker!!!

So, all in all, a very enjoyable, dog friendly, experience for our family and it definitely gets a big paws up from Pedro!

Amanda & Pedro

By PadsnPets, Jun 5 2014 10:18AM

So, I’ve been living with my new family for over a month now and, so far, so good!

They seem to be a really nice bunch; even the two small people like to play with me… I cannot say the same for the cat – not sure I’m on his Christmas card list just yet!

I had to stay in the house for 2 weeks when I got here, until all my injections had worked, but I was allowed in the garden and I chased the cat around a few times, which I think I enjoyed far more than he did!

Then, the great day came when I had my final injection and I was allowed out into the big wide world… Well, what a lot of things there are to see and do, when you’ve never been outside properly before!

First we went for a little walk near the house, to get me used to walking outside on the lead, but you’d be amazed how many things there are to sniff, right on your doorstep! To be honest I was a bit scared, still am a bit!!

At the weekend we went out in the car, which, by the way, is perfect snoozing time while you get to where you are going. When we arrived, everyone had fish and chips (I had a little taster myself – very nice too!) and we watched some huge metal birds taking off into the sky – think they call them planes!

After that we found a lovely doggy friendly café called Cockpit Farm Tearooms in Otley, where even I was allowed inside for a doggy treat!

This lot likes to go out, which is great because, since then, I’ve been to school with the small people, to the park, a pub, and even to the shops! Luckily my mum is a dog walker so I get to take lots of walks with other nice doggies too.

So, all in all, a very nice first month in my new house! I think I might keep hold of this lot, although the cat might end up on eBay if he doesn’t chill out a bit!

Woof Woof!


By PadsnPets, May 27 2014 03:45PM

Right then, time for a bit of fun…

I think this dog walking and pet sitting must be going to our heads, we have been trying to think of songs with the word ‘DOG’ in the title. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?? We were a bit cocky and thought we would be able to come up with loads, but I think we’ve just about managed to scrape 10 dog songs together!

Can you do any better, feel free to comment below with any dog songs you can think of, hope you can do better than us…

1) Hound Dog – Elvis

2) Doggy Dog World – Snoop Doggy Dog

3) Walking The Dog – The Rolling Stones

4) I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens

5) Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

6) Jealous Dogs – The Pretenders

7) Who Let The Dogs Out –

8) Dog Eat Dog – Adam & The Ants

9) Me & You & A Dog Named Blue – Lobo

10) (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window - Patti Page

Couple of tenuous ones (about dogs, but not in the title!)…

Get Down Shep – John Noakes/Barron Knights (Blue Peter)

Puppy Love – Donny Osmond

Your turn…

By PadsnPets, Apr 25 2014 08:00AM

Over the last few weeks the nights have been getting lighter and the parks are getting busier. People are bringing along picnics and snacks and spending the day in the park with their families, which is lovely to see. My only bug bear with this is that they should take their rubbish - and especially unwanted food - with them. I am sure I am not the only person who has a dog that will eat everything in sight! As I stand there calling her name, with my little doggie treats trying to entice her away, she gives me this look as if to say, “why would I need to eat that mum, when there are so many tasty snacks here for me to eat?!”

The thing is, I know it’s me that will pay the price for her eating such food, whether it be in vets bills or the odd runny poo and, as a responsible dog owner, I do start off as the quite calm woman calling the dog away, that is until she is on her third meal in the park and then I sound like a screaming banshee and try to chase her away from the food, whilst people look on as if I am bonkers!

If anyone has any helpful hints please share!

What really gets my goat though, is when people purposely leave food in the park! For example, bags full (yes I mean a carrier bag full of bread! Really!! I have seen someone, with a full bag of bread, empty the full contents onto the grass! If only I could run faster he would certainly have had a piece of my mind!

Then, there are the ladies who like to leave rice and bird pellets on the football pitch! Just great!! Do people not realise that some bird seeds/pellets are poisonous to dogs? Apparently not! Let alone the poor people who have to play football on there. Or how about the weekly leaving of chicken bones at the park gate as we leave. How the birds are going to eat these I will never know??

So, all I ask for is a peaceful, food free walk in the park! So please DO NOT feed the birds, if you want to do so, put it in your own garden and please, please take any unwanted food away with you when you leave the park.

Thank you all, phew… rant over!

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