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By PadsnPets, Jul 11 2014 12:42PM

Dog walking... Well, it’s a walk in the park isn’t it?! Well, aside from the pun, sometimes it’s a little trickier than you think...

As dog walkers, we make it our business to know the dog we are walking. From its temperament to its foibles, it’s our job to know what situations the dog is and, more importantly, isn’t comfortable in.

So, why isn’t it the same for some dog owners?

Recently, I’ve experienced a few incidents, which have almost resulted in injuries to my own dog, Pedro, and can only be put down to sheer irresponsibility of other dog owners out and about.

The first was in a local park – not only was the dog involved a breed, which sometimes has a reputation of unpredictability, it was also OFF its lead and ON a children’s play area!! Unbelievable! Then, when the dog in question spotted my dog (on a lead and not in the children’s play area) it made a bee line straight for him – and not in a friendly way!!

Not only did the dog attack my dog, it continued to harass the poor pooch (and me) as he cowered in my arms.

What did we get from its owner? An apology....? Nope! Just a angry woman who shouted at her dog, claiming how she “couldn’t believe” it had just done what it had. Hmmm…

Our second encounter happened at the coast, as we casually walked along the front in Filey, passing an elderly couple sat on a bench with their Jack Russell sat at their feet, again OFF lead. As we passed by, said dog suddenly and angrily jumped to its feet and attacked Pedro, leaving him yelping and shaking. Once again, not even an apology!

It’s a dog owners duty to know their dog. It’s their responsibility to keep their dog under control at all times. Had the said dogs been on leads, this wouldn’t have happened. I find it hard to believe that these dogs have never done anything like this before. In both these cases there was no reason for the dogs to be off lead.

The majority of dog owners abide by these simple, common sense, rules. Unfortunately, it’s the minority that don’t who give us all a bad name.

It’s simple – if you know your dog like you should, you wouldn’t put it in a situation where it could get hurt or, worse still, hurt another dog or human.

I'll get off my soapbox now! Thanks for reading.... time for a walk in the park... :)

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