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Welcome to my Blog...


I'm Shelley and I run Pads n' Pets, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking & Home Security Services in Leeds.


I thought it would be a great idea to create this pet blog, brought to you by our friend 'Blog the Dog'. Somewhere I can keep you up to date with what's going on in our busy Pet Business World. I'll also share tips, advice, thoughts and just anything I think you may find useful or interesting


Hope you enjoy reading!


Shelley and my  friend Blog The Dog!


By PadsnPets, Jun 16 2014 11:42AM

As you may know we recently welcomed Pedro the puppy to our family and I’m so pleased to say he is everything we had hoped for in a family dog! He is a very good boy who loves his family and is brilliant with the kids, although they do have a tendency to treat him like a baby!

He loves all other dogs, especially ones who want to have a play with him. He can get a little boisterous with his best mate Lola the Springer, although being double his size, Lola soon puts him in his place and he’s happy to share a treat or 2 or 3 or 4 (you get the picture!) with her.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take Pedro on his first break to the seaside. We headed for the Yorkshire Coast to a fab, family run, dog friendly Caravan Park called Crows Nest. It’s located on the cliffs close to Gristhorpe Village between Filey and Scarborough. I highly recommend this place if you have a dog. The caravans are lovely and the park has a dedicated dog park where you can let them off the lead to enjoy a good run and get their exercise. It also has a conservatory area in the bar where dogs are allowed. So you can enjoy a few drinks on an evening without worrying about leaving the dog.

Whilst there, we were told about a local pub called, The Bull Inn which was within walking distance, located in Gristhorpe. We decided to head there for our dinner. It’s around a 10-15 min stroll through the fields; we were lucky as the weather was lovely so it was a really nice walk, which the dog thoroughly enjoyed! There was a large outside area where you could eat but as it was only May it was starting to get a little chilly in the evening, so the barman said we were more than welcome inside with the dog, which was great. The food was delicious and all home cooked. I had the steak pie, which was very tasty and served with veg and my absolute fave, homemade chips!

During our Yorkshire Coast break we also visited Bridlington, Filey, Scarborough and Hornsea. It was lovely to find that in all the resorts the shop and café owners had put bowls of water outside for the passing doggies.

We enjoyed breakfast outside The Waterfront café in Scarborough. Well I did until a massive seagull decided to do its business on my head! I was told that was lucky hmmm… it felt slightly more yucky than lucky!

Pedro also enjoyed his first dip in the sea at Filey and he even accompanied my son Alfie on one of the 50p rides outside the amusements in Scarborough (I told you they treat him like a baby!). One thing I did find was that I have never spoken to so many people I didn’t know, who knew that dogs are the ultimate icebreaker!!!

So, all in all, a very enjoyable, dog friendly, experience for our family and it definitely gets a big paws up from Pedro!

Amanda & Pedro

By PadsnPets, Jun 9 2014 08:30AM

As a family we recently went to the East Coast for a holiday and for the first time we took our dog, Lola, with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best of weather but to my surprise we had our pickings of lots of doggy friendly places to visit and eat in.

We decided to visit Whitby for the day and the dog enjoyed a lovely walk around the Abbey, along with seeing the enactment of the Monks walk, which was fab. What was a bit disappointing was that the Abbey café only allowed assistance dogs inside, so we were unable to get a cuppa after being in the drizzle all afternoon, so we had to head back into Whitby town centre for lunch.

Here, lots of shops had fresh water bowls outside for the dogs, which was great and lots of cafes, restaurants, pubs and even shops would let her in, which was also great for us, especially as we were desperate to avoid the rain for a bit!

Eventually, we opted for the Humble Pie ‘n’ Mash which is a lovely, small shop, selling the most gorgeous steak and ale pie I’ve ever had in my life! All their pies are made using delicious, locally sourced ingredients and can be served with mash, peas and delicious gravy. I would highly recommend this place if you are in Whitby.

During our holiday, we also visited The Cottage Pub in Hunmanby, a large village not far from Filey, this lovely traditional pub has a dedicated doggy friendly area and also sells fabulous food, but do call to reserve a table, as it does get full very quickly!

So, if you are taking a trip to the East Coast and you want to take your dog with you, you will have plenty of choices, as lots of places now cater for you and your dogs.

Do let us know of any dog friendly places you have visited on the Yorkshire Coast, we’d love to hear about them.

Shelley & Lola

By PadsnPets, Jun 5 2014 10:18AM

So, I’ve been living with my new family for over a month now and, so far, so good!

They seem to be a really nice bunch; even the two small people like to play with me… I cannot say the same for the cat – not sure I’m on his Christmas card list just yet!

I had to stay in the house for 2 weeks when I got here, until all my injections had worked, but I was allowed in the garden and I chased the cat around a few times, which I think I enjoyed far more than he did!

Then, the great day came when I had my final injection and I was allowed out into the big wide world… Well, what a lot of things there are to see and do, when you’ve never been outside properly before!

First we went for a little walk near the house, to get me used to walking outside on the lead, but you’d be amazed how many things there are to sniff, right on your doorstep! To be honest I was a bit scared, still am a bit!!

At the weekend we went out in the car, which, by the way, is perfect snoozing time while you get to where you are going. When we arrived, everyone had fish and chips (I had a little taster myself – very nice too!) and we watched some huge metal birds taking off into the sky – think they call them planes!

After that we found a lovely doggy friendly café called Cockpit Farm Tearooms in Otley, where even I was allowed inside for a doggy treat!

This lot likes to go out, which is great because, since then, I’ve been to school with the small people, to the park, a pub, and even to the shops! Luckily my mum is a dog walker so I get to take lots of walks with other nice doggies too.

So, all in all, a very nice first month in my new house! I think I might keep hold of this lot, although the cat might end up on eBay if he doesn’t chill out a bit!

Woof Woof!


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