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I'm Shelley and I run Pads n' Pets, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking & Home Security Services in Leeds.


I thought it would be a great idea to create this pet blog, brought to you by our friend 'Blog the Dog'. Somewhere I can keep you up to date with what's going on in our busy Pet Business World. I'll also share tips, advice, thoughts and just anything I think you may find useful or interesting


Hope you enjoy reading!


Shelley and my  friend Blog The Dog!


By PadsnPets, May 27 2014 03:45PM

Right then, time for a bit of fun…

I think this dog walking and pet sitting must be going to our heads, we have been trying to think of songs with the word ‘DOG’ in the title. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?? We were a bit cocky and thought we would be able to come up with loads, but I think we’ve just about managed to scrape 10 dog songs together!

Can you do any better, feel free to comment below with any dog songs you can think of, hope you can do better than us…

1) Hound Dog – Elvis

2) Doggy Dog World – Snoop Doggy Dog

3) Walking The Dog – The Rolling Stones

4) I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens

5) Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

6) Jealous Dogs – The Pretenders

7) Who Let The Dogs Out –

8) Dog Eat Dog – Adam & The Ants

9) Me & You & A Dog Named Blue – Lobo

10) (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window - Patti Page

Couple of tenuous ones (about dogs, but not in the title!)…

Get Down Shep – John Noakes/Barron Knights (Blue Peter)

Puppy Love – Donny Osmond

Your turn…

By PadsnPets, May 6 2014 08:42PM

Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets in the world and we can see why, these facts prove they are a pretty interesting species!

1) A cat has no collarbone, allowing it to fit through any opening as small as its head.

2) Cat wee glows in the dark when a UV light shines on it. If you think your cat or kitten has had a mishap in your home, use a UV light to find the evidence.

3) If your cat is close to you, and her tail is quivering, this is the greatest expression of love your cat can give you.

4) A cat can jump up to five times its own height in a single leap.

5) Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds, while dogs can only make 10.

6) If they have ample water, cats can tolerate temperatures up to 133 °F.g (probably best not to try this one though!!)

7) In just seven years, a single pair of cats and their offspring could produce a staggering total of 420,000 kittens.

8) Cats spend 30% of their waking hours grooming themselves. (So they’re pretty vain too!)

9) Cats can see so well in the dark because their eyes reflect light. Light goes in their eyes, and it is reflected back out again. This means that their eyes actually work like a built-in flashlight.

10) A cat’s hearing is better than a dog’s. Cats can hear high-frequency sounds of up to two octaves higher than a human. So there’s no chance of a secret snack in the kitchen!

After finding out these crazy cat facts, the next time we’re cat sitting we’ll have a new found respect for the humble moggy!

By PadsnPets, Apr 25 2014 08:00AM

Over the last few weeks the nights have been getting lighter and the parks are getting busier. People are bringing along picnics and snacks and spending the day in the park with their families, which is lovely to see. My only bug bear with this is that they should take their rubbish - and especially unwanted food - with them. I am sure I am not the only person who has a dog that will eat everything in sight! As I stand there calling her name, with my little doggie treats trying to entice her away, she gives me this look as if to say, “why would I need to eat that mum, when there are so many tasty snacks here for me to eat?!”

The thing is, I know it’s me that will pay the price for her eating such food, whether it be in vets bills or the odd runny poo and, as a responsible dog owner, I do start off as the quite calm woman calling the dog away, that is until she is on her third meal in the park and then I sound like a screaming banshee and try to chase her away from the food, whilst people look on as if I am bonkers!

If anyone has any helpful hints please share!

What really gets my goat though, is when people purposely leave food in the park! For example, bags full (yes I mean a carrier bag full of bread! Really!! I have seen someone, with a full bag of bread, empty the full contents onto the grass! If only I could run faster he would certainly have had a piece of my mind!

Then, there are the ladies who like to leave rice and bird pellets on the football pitch! Just great!! Do people not realise that some bird seeds/pellets are poisonous to dogs? Apparently not! Let alone the poor people who have to play football on there. Or how about the weekly leaving of chicken bones at the park gate as we leave. How the birds are going to eat these I will never know??

So, all I ask for is a peaceful, food free walk in the park! So please DO NOT feed the birds, if you want to do so, put it in your own garden and please, please take any unwanted food away with you when you leave the park.

Thank you all, phew… rant over!

By PadsnPets, Apr 17 2014 10:50AM

Having just come back from a short break in Spain, I couldn’t wait to tell you about some of the funny, cute and mainly bonkers doggy sights I have seen! If you have ever been to Spain, I’m sure you will know the Spanish ladies (and even some of the men) have a major passion for little dogs!

Not a day went by, where I didn’t see the cutest little pooches being walked, carried or even pushed along the promenade.

Chihuahuas appeared to be the favourite, but other popular breeds included Yorkies, Lhasa Apso, Pomeranians, Maltese, King Charles, Westies and Dachshunds.

In fact, I was quite amazed at the lack of large dogs I saw, if any at all!

Some of my favourite Spanish doggy sightings included:

- The lady with 2 Lhasa Apso’s dressed in Real Madrid football kits!

- The tendency for Spanish ladies to push their dogs along in what I can only describe as custom made pushchairs.

- The family with the matching outfits, including the dog!

- Some of the most amazing doggy hairstyles I have ever seen, seriously we're talking the just stepped out of a Salon look, Cheryl Cole eat your heart out!

- The very smartly dressed, older Spanish gentleman walking the cutest Yorkshire Terrier, dressed head to to paw in Pink, including the hair bobbles. Plus, I think I even saw a Swarovski crystal thrown in for good measure.

It got to the point where it was more noticeable if you had a dog that wasn’t wearing the latest accessories.

So if you like to put the odd accessories on your pet pooch, you’ve got a long way to go before you’re in the Spanish pampered pooch league!

By PadsnPets, Apr 10 2014 09:00AM

After we‘ve taken the kids to school my friend and I like to take our dogs for a long morning walk. One day on our way home, we noticed a man at the top of the street acting rather strangely, every now and then he would let out a really loud whistle, very bizarre indeed!

I was concerned, as a house had been burgled in our area recently, so we decided to stop and watch him for a while. I discreetly, pretended to be messing about with my dog’s lead. All the time this man is still looking and acting very suspiciously and letting out his really loud whistle!

He then started to walk off down our street, still whistling!!

We decided to follow him. As he passed the house that had recently been broken in to, he seemed to take a keen interest and stood outside that particular house for ages, before walking off and, yes you guessed it, still whistling really loudly!

We were now even more suspicious and completely bewildered as to what on earth he was doing, we continued to follow him! As he carried on whistling and roaming the streets, our stress levels were starting to rise and my friend said “right that’s it, I’m going to call the non-emergency number and see what they think about all this!!”.

So here’s the situation… my friend is now on the phone to the police, as we follow a man around the local streets stopping and starting, busy looking around, up and down and randomly whistling!

Even the person who answered the call said ‘madam, you want to report someone for whistling in your street?’

My friend explained that a number of houses had been burgled, and this man had taken interest in a house that had already been burgled and was acting very strange, they seemed to take notice then and told us the next available car would be sent out to us.

In the meantime, we were still following this man, like a scene from Cagney and Lacey (so we like to think!) as he turns on to another street, we then had to start running with the dogs to catch up! Lord knows what we looked like. It was more and more like a Scooby Doo mystery than a Cagney and Lacey scene!

We turned the corner and he was gone! We decided to split up and each take a different street, we met at the end but we could no longer find him. As we contemplated our next move, there it was again, the oh so familiar whistle. We decided to go back to where we started in hope of catching him up.

As we arrived back to our street the intermittent whistling was even louder and before we reached the corner a man on a bike with a florescent jacket cycled by, "THAT’S HIM!" my friend said.

I wasn’t so sure though, as he hadn’t been wearing a hi-vis jacket before and my friend pointed out that he hadn’t been riding a bike before either! She was pretty sure it was him though. So we ran to the end of the road to catch him up and as we do the man started whistling and waving his arms in the air. My friend said ‘oh god, he’s a complete nutter!’

We weren’t expecting what happened next, as a beautiful white dove flew down from the air and landed on the man’s arm.

Our faces must have been priceless. “Oh my god, he was looking for his bird!” we both said.

At that point it must have been pretty obvious that we had been following him, he then cycled over to us, with his dove on his arm and told us he had been looking for her for the past half an hour. So feeling slightly embarrassed but very relieved we chatted with the man about his beautiful dove, before he rode away with the bird on his arm.

We calmly crossed the road, hid behind a hedge and burst out into fits of laughter, before remembering that the police were on their way. Just as we do, you’ve guessed it again, the police car arrives!

The window winds down “Ladies, did you call me?”

Still laughing our heads off, my friend said, “it was him, did you see the man on the bike with the hi-vis jacket and a dove on his arm? It was him.” Trying very hard not to laugh the policeman said, “yes I did, and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. I am going to have a word with him as that is strange behaviour.”

After a bit of grovelling and apologies on our part for calling them out, the policeman very diplomatically said, “we do rely on vigilant people like yourselves to give us a call if you see anything suspicious, thank you and I’m going to have a word with the man on the bike.”

Our parting words were “please don’t tell him we called you”, as if he didn’t know already!

The morale of the story is if there is a man in your street whistling very loudly and acting suspicious please check that he is not looking for his pet dove, before you ring the police. Cagney and Lacey we are not, don’t worry we won’t give up the day job just yet!

He’ll forever be the man with the dove from above!

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